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The Cheese portofolio off MooiDutch is a very wide range of specialty items such as the North Holland cheeses and farmhouse cheeses but also knowledge and tailor-made concepts.

We are experts in the maturation of our cheeses, which provide the essential flavors to taste them. Especially, for the Spanish market have selected Brie as a product that has a creamy texture and delicate flavor, although it is gaining a stronger flavor as it matures. For proper combination we recommend a light and fruity wine.

Branded cheese, dairy-based beverages and ingredients for infant and toddler nutrition are the key value drivers of MooiDutch.


The Charcuterie portofolio off MooiDutch
“OUR PROUD”. High – quality meat products

An impressive range of high-quality meat products

MooiDutch features a full range of Dutch meat products, salami’s, raw and cooked hams, poultry products and specialty products.

MooiDutch sells high-quality meat product for the butcher – traiteur.

We are proud that we can represent this assortment for the Spanish market.
Variety is the spice of life. It gives you plenty of opportunities for more profit.

The Paté products

The Paté products portofolio off MooiDutch
What is more tasty than this flavour option.

It contains a mix of delicious dark red cherries and our homemade apple preserve delectably sweet with a distinct cherry taste.

It is not only children who are crazy about this option. Adults really appreciate this pate too.

We challenge you to spoil your customers

Our International Partners

Bedford Delikat Essen

Our company selects high quality products from different parts of Europe. This would definitely be an element of added value to your business.

Aart Wielaard

Director, MooiDutch